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Raccoon 3D Unique Shaped Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

What others Say
Cute idea. I got it as a gift, so I can't comment on durability, but just know that small means SMALL. Like, the box is the size of a bracelet jewelry box. Getting something more typically sized for a puzzle gets pretty pricey, though. Despite that, it's a pretty unique gift for the puzzle lover in your life.
Allison Kate
Allison Kate
Very Cute Puzzle
I was worried when I started the puzzle because of the count. Instructions said 103 pieces, but only 100 in the box. Luckily 100 was the correct number. The pieces were very small and moved around which was frustrating. Should have some sort of peel off backing that would stick to the paper for framing. On the up side the colors of the owl are very pretty and when finished looked great. It was fun to do and the family joined in. Would have rated it a 5 but the company must have to find a way to make the puzzle more secure when putting it together. Looking for another puzzle to do since we are all home bound.
It is amazing
My niece absolutely loves dogs...dogs and puppies everywhere makes her so happy and excited. So this dog puzzle was the best Valentine's Day gift for her.

The puzzle is 11.6 inches tall and 7.9 inches wide. The puzzle pieces are made of wood and thicker than traditional puzzles. They also have interesting shapes, which add to the difficulty, and bright, vivid colors.

Because she is a kid, it did take her a few weeks to finish it. She worked on it a few hours a couple times a week. I would like one like this on a larger scale.
Deloris Peter
Deloris Peter
Real Wood, Thicker, Vivid Colors